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Frisbee, which officially is known as Ultimate Frisbee, is a game which has grown all over the world. It has definite rules but is a game which, since its inception, is self refereed. The game is very easily played by both men and women and is excellent for families as a whole, as it can adapt to being played, at once, by people of all different sizes and levels of skill while still remaining fun and challenging for everyone. The core group involved in the Lion’s River Frisbee consists of Kim Goodwin, Nicolas Crooks, Fiona Crooks, James Jordan and Craig Holmes. Women often play and so do children, mostly over the age of 13. They meet at the polo grounds at about 16h45 and play into the dark under the flood lights (in winter), ending at about 19h00. Please feel free to phone Kim Goodwin for any further information on 082 856 1106.


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One of my projects is this Indigenous forrest which I have been planting.

My Forrest

There is the odd alien trees which have stubbornly remained and have made me question my orginal purist view; but am at peace with them now!

Lady bug


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Great weekend spent at the Lions River Club with Trance Midlands Express; as always its manic trying to get everything organised but somehow it always comes together by the time the people arrive. thanks to every one involved – GREAT JOB! Fantastic decoration by…………and the DJs rocked the place properly!

Had fun with my burning art project and with lots of help from Dills and various others we built a beast from wattel from my farm. It was two days of building to create a monster fit for a trans party burn.

Collected wood from the forest on my farm

Building the frame work


The beast starts taking shape


Dills working on the beast


A dog with a bottle of tequilla - its how we roll!


Bruning the beast


Fire dancers


The moring after!