Kim Goodwin Image

My name is Kim Goodwin… welcome to my world!

A bit about me…

I studied at the Natal Technikon in the mid eighties. As with many emerging artists my initial choice of subject matter was traditional. I started his career by looking at the human figure and aimed to produce representational work. My interest then turned, very early on in my artistic career, towards representing architectural shapes and spaces in the form of sculpture. Even during these early years I preferred to keep well versed in using many different mediums, including natural materials.

Even though owning and running The Goodwin Foundry has kept me away from doing much art, I have completed a respectable group of commissions, mostly for public consumption. These include a statue of a previous headmaster for the grounds of Weston Agricultural College, a bust situated at Comrades House in Pietermaritzburg, of the founding member of the Comrades Marathon and the original design – still used – for the ACCORD peace award, first awarded to Nelson Mandela. I have also sculpted a bronze horse which has formed part of a monument erected at Weston, commemorating the horses which perished in the Anglo-Boer-Zulu war.

I presently find myself in a position allowing more time for the production of art. My intention is to work again within the tradition of figurative pieces, focusing on a more conceptual component of this subject matter. I also plan to pursue, for the love of it, some more environmental art


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